Customizing the Dictionary Server

Change any of the items you like throughout the page. At the bottom is a button to press which will make the changes take effect and return you to the main dictionary page.

Once you have the settings the way you like, you can save the resulting main dictionary page URL in a bookmark, leaving your favorite defaults at your mouse-tip.

Viewing Japanese text with a browser (select one):

For when you are using one of the encoding methods (a general discussion of encoding methods, BTW, is here), you can:
  • add anchors to large Japanese images.
  • For when text-as-image GIFs are created:

  • Images with kanji should be inlined: (but note this warning).
    You can also inline kana-only entries as well:
    Print images vertically:
  • Image text size: 18-pixel images, 26-pixel images, 48-pixel images 64-pixel images 96-pixel images
  • Image text foreground color:
  • Image text background color:
  • Invert colors:
  • Default search parameters

  • Default language of search key:
  • Default search style:
  • Default search targets are (choose one or more):
  • Other

  • You can have kanji information linked in with dictionary search results:
  • Omit background and color markup:
  • Restrict search to commonly-used words:
  • Disable fuzzy kana search for Japanese lookups:
  • Link to external search engines:
  • Search by word-class (EDICT tags):
  • To have everything above take effect, and you'll be returned to the main dictionary page. You'll then be able to save the settings by bookmarking that page.

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