Japanese Character Encoding Test

Here is the same snippet of text in various encodings. They all should appear the same (although the gif's font will probably differ slightly), so if you see garbage, your browser isn't groking the encoding. I've selected the test text such that the ``garbage'' shouldn't be too bad for most non-groking browsers (if it does completely screw up your screen, let me know what browser/system you're using)
Here it is as:
  a gif       : [Kanji Image]
  JIS-encoded : $B$3$l$O!V(Jtest$B!W$G$9(J
  EUC-encoded : 、ウ、、マ。ヨtest。ラ、ヌ、ケ
  Shift-JIS   : これは「test」です
Your browser might be able to display them all, none, or maybe just a few. I use one which can deal with them all.

If any of the bottom four come out, you'll definitely want to access the dictionary using the encoding. You can do it via the main gateway page, or by the following shortcut links:

If you're missing fonts

If you are on a PC and your browser doesn't support Japanese, or if you think it might if only you had the proper fonts, Microsoft has made a TrueType font available freely (and it will work with other browsers as well). Read the documentation and fetch the font as a self-extracting .exe file.

Japanese Input for Windows running IE4.0

If you are using Windows and IE4.0 on an English version of Windows95/NT4.0 (not only English, but any non-Japanese version, actually), you can now input Japanese text via a freely-available Microsoft's IME4.0. You can also get the full language pack for Japanese as well. (There is also a Korean version available at that url.)

If Nothing Seems To Work

If you've tried everything and it still doesn't seem to work, then perhaps you should get a new browser or OS. Perhaps try moving up to a graphical browser? There's no need to use a service such as @shodouka, since I support ``graphical text'' directly. However, to view other Japanese sites without any Japanese support if you move up to a graphical browser, you'll want to check out @shodouka.

Other resources to check for help in figuring out how to get Japanese going on your system include The University of Washington Guide to Japanese Computing and the home pages of Jim Breen (j.breen@csse.monash.edu.au) and Ken Lunde (note: please don't bother them with email until you've thoroughly investigated what they've spent their time preparing).

I hate to say this because it makes me sound like a jerk, but one thing you should not do is to ask me. I know a fair amount about Japanese encodings and processing, but zippo about fonts, PCs, macs, Windoze, Kanjitalk, etc. If you use X-Windows as I do, Japanese support is a small matter of getting the fonts and such from your favorite X archive. I hate to say something unsociable like this, but I get buried in mail that I simply have no idea how to answer other than to say ``sorry, I 'dunno''.

Now, I don't mean to ward off other concerns that you might have, particularly if it seems to be a problem with my server.

Comments appreciated
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