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Welcome to Jeffrey's Japanese⇔English Dictionary Server.
This is merely the gateway to the main dictionary page.
日本語の説明はここ - This page is available in Japanese

This server has a mirror in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. There's an experimental mirror in Redwood City, California, USA.

This server uses dictionary data provided by the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group under the terms of its licence.

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Need to Change your encoding method?

You currently have JIS as your Japanese text encoding method. If that's OK (if you can read ``THIS'', it probably is), you can just continue along to the main dictionary page. However, if you need to change your method, read on.

Dealing with Japanese text: several choices

Before you can access the dictionary, you have to tell me how you can view Japanese text with your browser. If it happens to have Japanese support built in, you can get ``raw'' Japanese via several encoding methods.

If your browser doesn't support Japanese, or if you think it might if only you had the proper fonts, check the lower parts of this page.

Otherwise, you'll have to make due with the (much slower) "image method" (if you have a graphical browser -- there is text-only support otherwise). If you're not sure if you have built in support or not, try viewing these samples of each encoding.

Choose from the following among (but note that your other customized selections will remain unchanged) to enter the dictionary server system. Once you're there, you can customize all kinds of things to your liking, perhaps saving the resulting link so that you don't have to go through this gateway in the future.

Connect via browser:

If your current browser doesn't support Japanese, you might be interested in web browsers that do, such as Mozilla or Firefox.

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