Kanji Lookup Documentation

This describes a bit about the particulars of Jeffrey's Kanji Lookup Server.

There are two basic ways to find a kanji, via some reference (its encoding, or perhaps its index number in one of various dictionaries), or by describing some aspect of the character.

By Reference

The following references are supported:

Search via Description

This is the real power... you can describe various things you know about a character to bring it up. The more you describe, the more detailed the search will be. Only characters that match all the points you enter will be selected. To help limit the overall search to ``interesting'' characters, you can have it search only a subset of all 6000+ characters in the database:

A Word on JIS-X-0212 Kanji

JIS-X-0212 kanji isn't as widely supported on all operating systems as JIS-X-0208 is. As a result, if you are using some kind of encoding (JIS, EUC or Shift-JIS), you may find that some characters may not appear. In cases like this, there are two alternatives. Use the graphical-only support that this server supplies, or use the UTF-8 encoding, and the character should come up.

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